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Innovation and Excellence

Versatile Consultant - Strategy, Improvement, Innovation

Business Adviser, - preparing business for startup, optimization and exit

Expert Practitioner, - world class business, technology and design experts

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Operating as an independent consultant with support networks, I enable business leaders, managers, advisory Boards to develop strategy, create achievable operational plans, provide business architecture and governance to shape and deliver sustainable change, explore innovation and emerging solutions including intelligent process automation (using AI), systems thinking, and the benefits of big data. I routinely work in new industry sectors yet consistently deliver exceptional results with extensive experience in B2B, B2C, pharmaceuticals, financial services, telecoms, utilities, retail, and FTSE-100 corporates. I am a highly effective trouble-shooter and decision maker who quickly identifies/mitigates risks and exploits opportunities to turn business around and increase the value of customer interactions, often resulting in seven-figure growth or savings, I specialise in working with Senior Executives to help them shape and deliver change within their organisations, particularly innovation ecosystems, digital transformation (Process automation, big data), systems thinking and emerging business models.

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